Update 10/27/2020 for Faculty

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Update 10/27/2020

Greetings, Cerro Coso Faculty and Staff:

This is just a quick note to announce that a revision to the Safe Campus Reopening Protocols has now been posted to the College website on the COVID-19 Resources page.

As the protocols were always intended to be a living document, this second version fills in some gaps of the first, clarifies some language, responds to some “unknown unknowns” that have arisen in the meantime, and adds some appendix material.

The highlights:

  • Language around college events has been changed to more clearly state that activities involving the physical presence of students, faculty, and staff (not classes) are reviewed on a case-by-case basis; the event planning form is required for any college event requiring the physical presence of students and staff, a process that could take up to three weeks;
  • In addition to coaches and athletes, other groups of students or staff may be required to follow alternative protocols for college-related work, such as those in place at the Child Development Center and the Bishop Care Center;
  • Language was clarified that employees who complete the training provided by the COVID-19 Response Core Team do not need to submit the Coming to Campus form for regularly scheduled work hours as communicated by their supervisor; however, if they intend to visit campus at any other time, they must complete the form;
  • Student workers are to complete the Employee Coming to Campus form when on campus as a worker (unless they completed the training) but the Student Coming to Campus form when on campus as a student;
  • Faculty and staff who meet with students in a pre-arranged public space sufficiently sized to maintain social distancing that is not the LAC or the one-stop shop must notify the M&O director (at cody.pauxtis@cerrocoso.edu) so that spaces can be effectively cleaned and disinfected afterward;
  • Any employee can direct a student to leave campus if the student threatens the health or safety of themselves or another; if assistance is needed, the faculty or staff member should notify Campus Security;
  • Students can be turned away from class or campus if they answer YES on the Student Coming to Campus form to having one or more symptoms;
  • A subsection on Field Trips has been added to the section “Distancing Inside and Outside the Classroom”;
  • When an employee or student indicates that they know they have been exposed somewhere other than work, they must be sent home for 14-day quarantine and if tested during this time and is negative but still no symptoms, they must complete the 14-day self-quarantine;
  • Language has been clarified about when and how human resources or Campus Safety is notified about a student who has been sent home or that a faculty or staff member knows is sick so that proper follow up can occur and a return-to-campus scenario communicated.

A reminder to all that in order to address any questions or concerns about COVID-19, the college's response, or compliance with the protocols, an email has been created that goes to members of the Core Response Team for immediate review: cc_covid19@listserv.cerrocoso.edu

Note that these reopening protocols may continue to evolve as conditions evolve. But any input from inside or outside the institution that helps clarify and improve the document and our response is appreciated.

If you have any questions whatsoever—about the protocols, about process, about training, about access, about information, about gaps in information—please do not hesitate to contact the team at cc_covid19@listserv.cerrocoso.edu

Thank you!

Corey Marvin. 

Vice President of Instruction. 

Cerro Coso Community College. 

3000 College Heights Blvd.. 

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(760) 384-6201.