Hunger Free Program Thrives Amidst Campus Closures


Picture: (l to r) Cerro Coso Promise students Carrena Castleberry and Aileen Ponce.

The Hunger Free campus program at Cerro Coso is thriving during these uncertain times as the college remains committed to providing for students who are in need.

Supported by state funds, local resources, and the CCC Foundation, the pandemic has led to an acute increase in need for the food pantry. Hunger Free feeds an average of 40-60 students and their families monthly. Since the pandemic, the program has been supporting students with monthly drive-thru food bag distributions as well as grocery cards by request. In the past 7 months, Hunger Free has purchased $2,700 in grocery cards and this amount increases monthly. Currently, grocery card funds are supported by state funds, at a time when the need is greater than ever, the capacity to continue to serve students remains limited due to funding. The program will need to locate others funds in order support the grocery cards currently provided to students with food insecurities.

“Cerro Coso feels strongly about continuing to support our students the best we can as we continue to navigate through this year,” said Outreach Director Katie Bachman.