Digital Video Production Class this Fall

Instructor operating digital video camera.

Hocker to Instruct college class in Videography, Storytelling, and Video Editing

Professional photographer and videographer Ray Hocker will be instructing a 3-unit class in Digital Video Production at Cerro Coso Community College this fall.

The course is specifically designed to help students edit and manipulate videos.  No matter whether you are a novice video maker, blogger, or business owner; this class will help you learn the nooks and crannies of producing quality videos.  The course introduces digital video production techniques including: single camera operation and procedures, basic principles and techniques of sound and scriptwriting, and digital video editing.  Course topics include the operation of digital camcorders, lighting and sound equipment; post-production digital editing suites; concepts and techniques of nonlinear digital editing, including organization of the editing process; and working timeline and audio editing, with emphasis on the principles and aesthetics of video editing. 

Video marketing has seen a surge in popularity due to its effectiveness in generating good ROI and ramping up website traffic.  However, just like other forms of content, there is a lot of emphasis on the need to produce quality videos.  DMA C131- Digital Video Production will be taught online with Instructor Hocker who will provide a thorough understanding of the appropriate use of equipment and techniques required to create a great product.

Cerro Coso offers complete programs of study including an Associate of Science Degree in Web Profession, as well as a Web Professional Certificate, and Web Fundamental Certificate to prepare students for employment or self-employment in the Web industry by emphasizing standards-based coding and scripting, creative problem solving, usability, accessibility, media production, e-commerce concepts, project management; and networking. 

There is still time to register for fall 2020 classes that begin August 24, 2020.  Complete schedule of classes is available at or call (760) 384-6100.