Students Showcased at HTCC Research Conference

Honor students (l to r) Britney Brown, Chris Glenn, Jenna Daugherty, Carol Blair, and Caitlin Peterson.

Cerro Coso was once again strongly represented at the 2018 HTCC Annual Student Research Conference held at the University of California, Irvine. 

The multidisciplinary conference, sponsored by UCI and the Honors Transfers Council of California, showcases outstanding faculty-mentored research by students from California community colleges, with a focus on honor students. 

Five Cerro Coso students presented their research at this year's conference. Student Britney Brown's presentation on “The Impacts of Invalid Assumptions on Life Data Analysis,” concluded invalid assumptions have dire consequences on companies providing product warranties. Her research looked at the impact of invalid degradation and distribution assumptions on life expectancy. 

Jenna Daugherty's presentation “The Angels Who Lack the Conjugal Love of God”, in Milton's Paradise Lost, the angels are juxtaposed with Satan and his legion of fallen angels to emphasize the degradation and loss of fallen angels. 

Carol Blair's demonstration on “Autonomy and the Problem of Interpreting Self in Jane Eyre and Villette” provided a platform through which one can explore competing notions of personhood, illustrating self's autonomy and the limitations of interpretation.  

Caitlin Peterson, Carol Blair, Chris Glenn, and Jenna Daugherty reported on their research “Contested Histories: The Making and Unmaking of Confederate Monuments” finding Confederate Monuments can be viewed as both a symbol of the past and a symbol of oppression, leading to modern tensions.

Presenting their work at the HTCC Student Research Conference makes these Cerro Coso students eligible not only for monetary awards but also to submit their work for publication in the HTCC anthology Building Bridges, published through the University of California, Irvine.