Students Create Aerial Imaging Device

Teacher Jillian Kuczora from Opportunities for Learning drops an aerial imaging unit designed by students in her Engineering class from the roof of the College’s Learning Resource Center.

Students in Jillian Kuczora's Engineering class at Opportunities for Learning were tasked with creating their own aerial imaging device as their final project. Often used during natural disasters to relay important information back to the operators, aerial photography is in widespread use for a diverse set of commercial, industrial, agricultural, government, and private purposes. Students created the design for the aerial imaging unit around requirements given to them by the instructor, utilizing everything they had learned in programming, design, circuitry, and robotics. Housed in a 2-liter soda bottle with balloons attached to slow down its descent, the unit was equipped with a robotic arm to activate the camera and take pictures as it was dropped off the roof of the Learning Resource Center at the college. Cerro Coso was honored to take part in the implementation of the project.