Great Teachers Celebrated

Teri Stephenson with Corey Marvin and Jill Board.

Every fall the college hosts an Adjunct Professional Development Day to provide resources to adjunct instructors to improve pedagogy and logistical support that serves students. This year's Adjunct Professional Development Day, held on November 4th, was designed to ensure adjunct instructors are trained, connected, and supported throughout their teaching experience at Cerro Coso. The day started with a Class to Career presentation by President Jill Board, Christine Small, and Missy Gross. President Board provided an update on College Governance, and Michael Dotson and his team from Project Rebound shared Cal State Bakersfield's program to help formerly incarcerated individuals obtain degrees. Twenty-four adjunct instructors were recognized for service milestones during lunch.

President Board and Vice President of Instruction Dr. Corey Marvin presented:

10 Semesters

  • Barbara Edwards (Online)
  • Jennifer Figueroa (Online)
  • Michelle Harper (Online)
  • Vicki Koenig (Online)
  • Deborah Lessany-Abdi (Online)
  • Jessica Scott (Online)
  • Teri Stephenson (Online)

15 Semesters

  • Brianne Chappell-McGovern (East Kern/Mammoth)
  • Stephen Irwin (Mammoth)
  • Elaine Rudis-Jackson (Online)
  • Debra Veit (Ridgecrest)
  • Wesley Williams (Lake Isabella)

20 Semesters

  • Sharon Britz (Online)
  • Marianne Fountain (Lake Isabella)
  • Yvette Matthiessen (Bishop)
  • Julie Metz (Bishop)
  • Kathleen O'Brien (Online)
  • Vickie Taton (Online)

25 Semesters

  • Christopher Cooper (Online)
  • Theodore Little (Lake Isabella)
  • Cheryl Pullen (Ridgecrest)

30 Semesters

  • Linda Eberthart (Online)
  • Matthew Greedy (Online)
  • Karen Moore (Online)