Four Recipients of CCCC Excellence Award


Four classified staff members received recognition for their leadership and contributions in developing and implementing a Classified Mentor Program at the college. Julianne Maikai (Alternative Media Specialist), Ashlin Mattos (Job Development Specialist), Nikki Gardepe (Assessment Assistant), and Paul Kuttig (System Support Specialist II) were acknowledged for their leadership in developing a mentor program. The program provides trained mentors who serve as guides, facilitators, role models, and allies for new classified staff to help them successfully integrate into their new positions and the college culture. The Classified Mentor Program has an oversight committee that meets formally once a semester to review new mentor applications, arrange training and orientations for both mentors and mentees, troubleshoot problems, and discuss ideas for improvement based on the results of exit surveys conducted at the end of the program. In effect since spring 2017, the program has been institutionalized and integrated into the Human Resources on-boarding processes. The results of this work has been increased understanding and knowledge of the classified role in participatory governance, CSEA, as well as new employees having someone to ask questions of when they arise. Excellence is the gradual result of always striving to do better.

Picture caption: Classified staff members (left to right) Paul Kuttig (System Support Specialist II), Julianne Maikai (Alternative Media Specialist), Nikki Gardepe (Assessment Assistant), and Ashlin Mattos (Job Development Specialist).