Class of 2018

Graduate Rachel Lebsock at the Ridgecrest Campus Ceremony

Each student who walks across the stage to get a diploma or certificate of achievement has a unique story about the journey to graduation day. Commencement isn't just a ceremony, it's a season of celebration. Cerro Coso held three separate commencement exercises to celebrate student success beginning with the ESCC Graduation held in Bishop on Friday, May 4, 2018. May 9th marked the first California City Prison Commencement Ceremony for incarcerated students. And May 11th was Cerro Coso's 45th Anniversary Commencement at the Ridgecrest Campus. All of the graduates were guided by Cerro Coso's mission to improve the life of every student it serves, and are well prepared to thrive, contribute to, and lead in a global society. This is the time for students to chase their dreams and set new goals. Believe that you can, and you will! Cerro Coso believes in all of its graduates and their dreams. Work Hard. Dream Big! May your graduation be the beginning of a future filled with success and happiness.