CORs and Curriculum Proposals

Course Outlines of Record

The course outline of record is the college’s official statement of the depth, breadth, and rigor of a course. It includes such details as the discipline name, course number, catalog description, amount of student contact hours, unit value, required student learning outcomes, the minimum qualifications required of faculty, content to be taught, appropriate instructional modes, approval for distance or correspondence education delivery, and more. The course outline of record is not a lesson plan or syllabus–which are tied to a particular offering of the course–but rather a document that guides and shapes those other documents. To look up the public version of any course outline of record, click on the link below and follow the prompts.

View a Course Outline of Record

New, Revised, or Deleted Course Proposals

Curriculum development and renewal is an academic and professional matter granted primarily to the Academic Senate, which, at Cerro Coso, delegates that work to its subcommittee, the Curriculum and Instruction Council. CIC reviews and approves proposals for new, revised, and deleted courses. Use the link below to begin a proposal in any of these areas. Note: curriculum proposals are typically undertaken by full-time faculty working closely with their department chairs and fellow faculty members. Be sure to include your colleagues in dialogue before beginning any proposal for a new, revised, or deleted course.

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