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Need For Specialized Training

Specialized training is required as occupations and industries continue to evolve to meet an ever-increasing demand in the world economy. In order to compete in the marketplace, students need to continually acquire and upgrade skills. Degree, certificate, award, and certification exam programs provide the student with the ability to advance to increased responsibility and better-paying jobs.


Teachers benefit from professional development, improvement of pedagogy, and development of contextualized "best practices" for the integration of vocational and academic education. This is accomplished through learning communities, instructional centers, and expansion of career ladders strategies—all opportunities available through our workforce education programs.


Cerro Coso students enrolled in our workforce education programs are better prepared and more highly skilled upon graduation. The relationship between education and earnings is growing to the point where post-secondary education and training is effectively a prerequisite for the ability to support a family, since more than 50% of jobs require this level of education.


Businesses profit from hiring Cerro Coso graduates who are highly skilled and prepared to enter the workforce through completion of our workforce education programs. Our students have learned from instructors with extensive experience in their professional fields. Need to have your employees re-certified? Cerro Coso workforce education classes can provide continuous workforce skill improvement for your employees.

Notice of Nondiscrimination: The lack of English language skills will not be a barrier to admission to, and participation in, vocational education programs and services.

Please Note: Not all programs are available at all sites. Not all programs are offered at all times.