Degrees & Certificates

The philosophy of Cerro Coso Community College is that the educational program of students should be composed of courses of study meaningful to them and appropriate to their unique life goals. Cerro Coso Community College offers the following certificate and degree programs:

Associate in Arts and Associate in Science degrees can be used to obtain necessary skills for a range of possible careers, or they may be used to transfer to a four-year institution.

Certificates are awarded to students who complete formal instructional programs that are designed to prepare them for a specific field of endeavor, typically a career field with prospects of employment. These programs most often consist of at least 18 units but some are as low as 12.

Note: Not all of the majors or programs are offered at all Cerro Coso Community College sites. Please consult with a counselor or staff member in the Counseling Center or with the counselor/educational advisor at the site where you are enrolled when selecting a degree objective or other program of study.

All programs offered by the college are approved by the Kern Community College Board of Trustees and the California Community College Chancellor's Office.