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Transfer Center

Transfer Center

University Representatives Campus Visit

Come and speak to a transfer specialist from the following universities: Bellevue, Cal State Bakersfield and Grand Canyon University. The transfer specialist will be able to provide the following information:

  • Cost of tuition
  • How many credits will transfer
  • Scholarships and grants
  • Next steps for fall admissions
  • Pre-advising for major and general education requirements
  • General transfer questions
  • Available majors/programs

and more!

Date & Time:  Thu, 04/25/2019 - 10:00 am to 3:00 pm

Location:  Ridgecrest/IWV MB 218


The Transfer Center is available to assist students in making their transition to a four-year college/university. Among the many services available to students are CSU/UC application workshops, on-campus visits by university representatives, visits to university campuses, articulation information, and agreements with colleges/universities. At each site this information can be acquired from the counselor or advisor.


General Information

Cerro Coso Community College offers "lower division" (freshman and sophomore level) General Education and major preparation courses equivalent to those at a four year university. After you transfer, you will complete your "upper division" courses at the university.

Prior to Your First Semester

  1. File the FAFSA in January or February of the year prior to when you will be attending school. Visit the Financial Aid Office website to learn more. You can access the FAFSA form at www.fafsa.ed.gov.
  2. Take the assessment test for English, Math, and Reading. You can make an appointment to take these tests by contacting the Cerro Coso campus nearest you.

Your First Semester

  1. Begin your English and math courses in your first semester.
  2. Make an appointment with a counselor to set up a Student Education Plan (SEP).
  3. Determine which General Education (GE) pattern you should follow (IGETC or CSU Certification).
    • CSU GE Certification - general education transfer pattern for students planning to transfer to any campus in the California State University system.
    • IGETC - general education transfer pattern for students planning to transfer to any campus in the University of California system.
  4. To determine major preparation coursework, please visit www.assist.org. (Keep in mind that for some majors it is more important to complete major preparation than to complete the general education requirements. Please discuss this with your counselor.
  5. Check to see if your major is impacted; for CSU go to www.calstate.edu/SAS/impactioninfo.shtml and for UC, please see your college counselor. If your major is impacted you may have to meet supplemental admission criteria.

During Your Time at Cerro Coso Community College

  1. Meet with your counselor each semester to check your academic progress and to make sure the classes you are taking will transfer.
  2. Visit the Career and Transfer Center
    • Sign up for Transfer Q&A Workshop (offered mid-semester)
    • Meet with university representatives (check Career and Transfer Center Board for Rep visits)
  3. Prioritize completion of core classes
    • CSU Golden Four: Math, Critical Thinking, Oral Communication, and English Composition
    • UC Seven Course Pattern: See the IGETC GE Pattern
  4. Complete a minimum of 60 transferable units.

The Year Before You Transfer

  1. For fall admission, apply a year in advance of when you plan on transferring. You can apply online to CSU at secure.csumentor.edu and/or UC at admission.universityofcalifornia.edu
  2. All minimum admissions requirements, major preparation, and 60 transferable units need to be completed in the spring semester prior to transfer. Summer courses before transfer will not be accepted.
  3. Complete the FAFSA in January to ensure your financial aid award for the upcoming year. Also, check out scholarship opportunities.

You will be notified of your acceptance in late March or April.

Let the Career and Transfer Center know when you have been accepted, because a huge CONGRATULATIONS will be in order!!!

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