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Cerro Coso Promise

Cerro Coso Promise Frequently Asked Questions

Can students get the Promise in additional to other financial aid and scholarships?
Yes, students can receive Promise funds to fill their remaining unmet need, which may be less than $1,000.
If students do not qualify for financial aid can they still receive the Promise?
Yes. The Promise is designed to help students achieve their educational goals regardless of financial status. Even if a student is ineligible for need-based Federal and State financial aid, they can receive the Promise scholarship provided the eligibility requirements are met.
Are there minimum eligibility requirements?
Yes. Students must graduate high school with a minimum 2.5 GPA and must reside in the KCCD service area. Please see requirements listed above for more information.
Is the Cerro Coso Promise different than the California College Promise?
Yes, these are two separate programs. The California College Promise has replaced the Board of Governor's fee waiver (the BOG) and remains an entirely separate, state-level initiative – it has nothing to do with the Cerro Coso Promise.
Do online students qualify for the Promise?
Yes, our CC online students are eligible to apply for and receive Promise funds.
Do Promise students need to reapply for their second year once they are in the program?
No, students do not need to reapply once they are in the program. College staff will be monitoring these students to ensure they maintain eligibility from semester to semester.

For additional information on the Promise program and associated requirements, please contact:

Kern Community College District