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Cerro Coso Community College

Probation and Disqualification

Students on Academic/Progress Probation, or who are on Academic Disqualification, are required to attend a Probation Disqualification (PDQ) workshop, complete a Student Success Contract, and meet (in-person or by phone) with a Counselor following the completion of the Probation Disqualification workshop. Any academic holds will not be lifted until a student has successfully completed the workshop, met with a Counselor, and signed any required contracts. Students on Disqualification will also need to complete the Petition for Readmission request form. Please contact Counseling at (760) 384-6219 to make an appointment after you have completed the workshop.

Students who receive a hold for any of the following are required to complete the PDQ workshop:

  • Academic Probation I
  • Academic Probation II
  • Progress Probation I
  • Progress Probation II
  • Academic Disqualification

Topics to be discussed:

  • Why are you on probation/disqualification?
  • How do you get off of probation?
  • Strategies and study skills
  • Campus resources

Online Workshop

April 3, 2020. We are currently working on our online workshops and you may experience intermittent interruptions in access. We apologize for any delay and inconvenience.

Launch the Online Probation Workshop
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