Cerro Coso Community College

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Assessment / College Placement

As a result of legislation under AB 705, the college is in the process of restructuring our assessment and placement process. The intent of AB 705 is to maximize the placement of students into transfer-level coursework in English and math and support students in completing this coursework within one year.

As soon as possible, we will post our new procedures on the website. Until we are able to do so, please contact a counseling office near you. If you are ready to schedule classes, a counselor will work with you on determining your English and math placement.

(760) 384-6219 at Ridgecrest / Indian Wells Valley / Online
(760) 379-5501 at Kern River Valley Lake Isabella
(661) 258-8644 at East Kern Center: Edwards AFB
(661) 823-4986 at East Kern Center: Tehachapi
(760) 872-1565 at ESCC Bishop
(760) 934-2875 at ESCC Mammoth Lakes

Kern Community College District