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Student Workers are funded through various financial sources depending on the position that he or she is interested in. All students that are interested in Student Worker opportunities are encouraged to fill out the FASFA in order to determine whether or not they qualify for the Federal Work Study program. Student Workers must meet minimum eligibility requirements including being enrolled in six (6) units or more for the Fall and Spring Semesters as well as be in good standing with the College.

Please note that although all Federal Work Study positions are listed below, this does not mean that all of the jobs are currently available. The Job Development Specialist will contact you with specific job availability after receipt of your initial Student Worker Application.

Access Programs Peer Mentors (Ridgecrest/IWV, Kern River Valley, Bishop, and Mammoth Lakes campuses)
Peer Mentors strive to help students in the Access Programs to be successful throughout their college experience. Mentors will assist students with registration, finding resources, website navigation, locating classes, the High Tech Center, gathering information, campus activities, meeting new people, and also be being someone to talk to. Mentors are willing to give time to students to encourage and support them. Peer Mentors also assist in clerical duties in the Access Office including answering calls, filing, making appointments and copies, managing the front desk, and other duties as assigned.
Access Programs Student Worker (Ridgecrest/IWV)
Students learn positive self-presentation as a college representative that addresses appearance, appropriate verbal interactions, and positive attitudes and demeanor. Students will be trained in professional phone etiquette, schedule appointments, work on bulletin boards, answer questions related to college and other programs/resources.
CalWorks Student Worker (Ridgecrest/IWV)
Student will receive training on filing procedures, answering phones and scheduling appointments, being on time, confidentiality related to office environment including FERPA, assist in office tasks such as maintain bulletin boards, move boxes (be able to lift up to 10 lbs.), and other office duties as assigned.
Career Center Student Worker (Ridgecrest/IWV)
The Student will learn employable skills while simultaneously making phone calls, being responsive to the needs of local employers, being responsible for drafting job posts on the digital job board as well as maintaining the physical job board on campus, as well as manage the Job Development Specialist’s calendar. Students will also assist in community outreach activities and track current students and alumni employment status on Excel spreadsheets.
Child Development Center Student Worker (Ridgecrest/IWV and California City)
Assisting staff with the supervision of pre-school aged children. Duties include, but are not limited to overseeing play and learning activities, cleaning, kitchen work, and clerical duties.
Computer Lab Student Worker (Kern River Valley)
Assist staff and students in aiding student learning and performing general computer lab troubleshooting.
Positions available at Kern River Valley Campus only.
Counseling Student Worker (Ridgecrest/IWV)
Students will learn file management; making and maintaining files and proper filing procedures. Students will learn phone etiquette. Students will be exposed to a busy office environment and how to juggle answering phones while simultaneously assisting students at the front desk.
Financial Aid Student Worker (Ridgecrest/IWV)
Students will assist Department Assistant with filing, returning phone calls and helping students on IPads. Students will assist other students at the front desk. Students will be taught general office skills and professional customer service.
Front Desk/Admissions and Records Student Worker (Kern River Valley, Tehachapi campuses)
Provides general administrative support to the Admissions and Records office staff. Duties include, but are not limited to data entry, customer service, and filing.
High Tech Center Student Worker (Ridgecrest/IWV)
Learn adaptive computer software and equipment available to a diverse student population. Learn to appropriately interact and provide assistance to students of differing levels of skills and capabilities.
Information Technology Student Worker (Ridgecrest/IWV)
Assisting the IT department in general IT matters such as networking, general troubleshooting, and clerical work.
Library Student Worker (Ridgecrest/IWV)
The student worker will acquire basic organizational skills to shelve books using library classification, maintain shelf organization, and tidy-up student work stations by study rooms. The student worker will acquire customer service skills by addressing student needs and answering phones.
Maintenance and Operations General Student Worker (Ridgecrest/IWV)
General maintenance duties that include, but are not limited to trash and recycle removal and general cleaning duties.
Maintenance and Operations Clerical Student Worker (Ridgecrest/IWV)
Assisting department with general clerical needs such as data entry and filing.
Student Activities and Athletics Student Worker (Ridgecrest/IWV)
This position is based on assisting the Athletic Trainer with event planning and set-up capacities and taking some responsibilities in communicative roles: such as event/activity promotion. You would be working closely with the Athletic Trainer and an interest in event planning and general athletics is preferred. You will be expected to take on a multitude of tasks and complete them with precise organization, efficiency, and effectiveness under the supervision of the Athletic Trainer.
Student Ambassador (Ridgecrest/IWV, Kern River Valley, Bishop, and Mammoth Lakes campuses)
Students will act as representatives for Cerro Coso Community College in both the community and on campus. Students will participate in planning/suggesting events, campus tours, promotional activities, accompanying recruitment personnel on school visits, assisting new and current students, and participating on student discussion panels.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact the Job Development Specialist to make an appointment at 760-384-6276 or by email at jennifer.marshall@cerrocoso.edu.

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