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Cerro Coso Community College

Career Day & Job Fairs

Career Day

Cerro Coso holds an annual Career Day designed to increase college awareness and behavior in junior and senior high school students who will be transitioning to college within the next two years. This is intended to be a bridge opportunity as students transition from high school to higher education, and engage them in considering their career and higher educational goals.

300 junior and senior high school students in our service area (East Kern, Mono and Inyo Counties) come to Cerro Coso College to experience an informational and career fair in, college awareness, all CTE areas, tour the campus and learn about the process for becoming a college student. Emphasis is placed on the importance of the next level of education in the context of future educational and career goals, and career pathways.

We are inviting local employers to participate in our Career Day. This is an opportunity to provide future employees with information regarding the desired skills & abilities you will be looking for. For further information on how YOU can participate please fill out this form. For additional information, please contact: Jennifer Marshall at 760-384-6276.

Career Exploration Day | Postponed

Career Day 2022

April 5, 2022

Cerro Coso Community College cordially invites you to participate in our annual Career Exploration Day! Cerro Coso is inviting our local high school and Cerro Coso students to this event. This will provide a unique opportunity for employers to actively engage with these students and motivate our youth towards potential career paths. This event is also an opportunity for employers to connect with our current college students, well-qualified recent graduates, and the general public to fill open vacancies within your organization. To participate, please fill out the Vendor Participation Form.