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Disabled Student Program and Services (DSPS)

Disabled Student Program and Services (DSPS)

DSPS Mission

Our mission is to provide access and support to students with disabilities. We function as a resource to Cerro Coso Community College faculty in offering students equity and excellence in education, maximizing each student's educational potential while helping him or her develop and maintain independence. Our philosophy is one that encourages self-awareness, self-determination, self-advocacy and independence in a comprehensively accessible environment.

DSPS Qualifications

DSPS serves students with a verifiable disability that results in an educational limitation and who would otherwise be qualified to meet the requirements of a college education. Accommodations and Alternative Media are provided for qualifying students to assist in providing accessible class materials and an equitable opportunity to complete the college course successfully. Students must request these services. It is important that students needing services meet with a DSPS counselor each semester to review progress and arrange accommodations for the semester.

How do I apply?

Complete the application and consent for release forms (below) and fax (760-384-6320), or bring the forms to the Access Programs Office IWV WV 2 or KRV Rm 3 or mail the forms to:

Access Programs
Cerro Coso Community College
3000 College Heights Blvd.
Ridgecrest CA 93555

DSPS Documents & Resources

It is highly recommended that students served by DSPS complete the DSPS orientation, either in person or online. If you are not located near any of the Cerro Coso campuses, or if you prefer, the online student DSPS orientation is available.

Launch DSPS Orientation

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