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Cerro Coso Community College

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Social Sciences

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Department Chair
Name Position Email Phone Location
Matthew Jones Professor, History/ Political Science; Department Chair, Social Sciences (760) 384-6267
EV 11D
Name Position Email Phone Location
Benjamin Beshwate Associate Professor, History (760) 384-6127
EV 11A
Nakysha Cummings Associate Professor, Psychology (760) 384-6385
EV 11E
Alec Griffin Associate Professor, Anthropology/Sociology (661) 823-4986
Sarah King Professor, Anthropology/ Sociology; Department Chair, Visual and Performing Arts (760) 384-6124
EV 11C
Norman Stephens Professor, Economics (760) 384-6306
EV 12A
Adjunct Faculty
Name Position Email Phone Location
Christina Christenson-Rockwell Adjunct Faculty, Psychology
April Eagan Adjunct Faculty, Anthropology
Hector Gonzalez Jr. Adjunct Faculty, Political Science
Matt Greedy Adjunct Faculty, History
Maria Heaton Adjunct Faculty, Philosophy
Vicki Koenig Adjunct Faculty, Psychology
Karen Lawhon Adjunct Faculty, Psychology
Deborah Lessany-Abdi Adjunct Faculty, Psychology
Ted Little Adjunct Faculty (760) 379-5501
Karen Moore Adjunct Faculty, Philosophy
Donald Rosenberg Professor, History and Art (760) 384-6272
Susan Shultz Adjunct Faculty, History
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