Cerro Coso Community College

Late Start Classes Fall 2022

Fall 2022 Late Start Classes.

The traditional 16-week semester is underway, but we know that with busy schedules you could use some additional choices. Please know that Cerro Coso is offering many late start classes beginning in September, October, and November which run a variety of lengths.

It is not too late for you to enroll in fall classes!

This table provides a list of late start classes.

Decorative element OPEN: section is open and class has not started. All classes listed below are OPEN, unless otherwise noted.
Decorative element CLOSED: section is closed and waitlist is not available.
Decorative element WAITLIST: section is closed but seats are available on the waitlist.
Decorative element Restricted: section is closed and/or special approval is needed; contact the department.

Course Title Weeks
ACAD C098D Advanced Officer Training IV 2-3
ANTH C121 Decorative element (WAITLIST) Biological Anthropology 8
BIOL C121 Survey of Anatomy and Physiology Lecture 12
BSOT C075 Decorative element (WAITLIST) Computer Literacy 8
BSOT C132 Intermediate Computer Keyboarding 8
BSOT C135 Beginning Adobe Acrobat 8
BSOT C155 Intermediate Access 5
BSOT C161 Advanced Word 5
BSOT C165 Advanced Access 5
COLL C131 Making Transfer Easy 8
HCRS C121 Nutrition 8
HCRS C131 Medical Law and Ethics for Medical Assistants 8
HCRS C132 Electronic Health Record 8
HCRS C135 Basic ICD and CPT Coding 8
HCRS C137 Clinical Medical Assisting II 8
HCRS C138 Medication Administration for Medical Assisting 7-8
HCRS C146 Medical Coding Externship 8
HCRS C150 Medical Terminology for Health 8
HIST C132 Decorative element (WAITLIST) History of United States from 1877 to Present 8
HSCI C101 Principles of Health Education 8
KINS C161 Intercollegiate Men's Basketball Lab Courses 8
LIBR C100 Introduction to Library Research and Bibliography 8
MATH C121 Elementary Probability and Statistics 8
POLS C101 American Government 12