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CCCC Foundation's Scholarship Program

CCCC Foundation's Scholarship Program

Without question, a quality college education is an investment—one that pays dividends throughout our lifetime. The Cerro Coso Community College Foundation maintains a strong commitment to student success by helping students jump start their college educations with scholarships. The culmination of academic merit and financial need, Foundation scholarships are made possible due to the extraordinary generosity of donors. The Foundation works with dozens of community donors to offer scholarships and awards to students at all campuses.

A special thank you to all the wonderful community partners and donors who help Cerro Coso students reach their educational dreams. Last year the CCCC Foundation awarded more than $69,000 in scholarships to CCCC students. With one easy application and more than 70 opportunities for cash awards applying for Foundation scholarships is easy. Find out more about CCCC Foundation Scholarships.

“Financial stress is something every college student must deal with on a daily basis; it can affect their personal lives as well as their grades. I am very thankful that you understand this and help students better themselves. Your scholarship will help me further my education and ultimately better my life so again. Thank you very much,” – Mark Tull, KRV student. In the middle of difficulty lies opportunity – apply today!

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