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Library Textbook Reserve Increases

Library Textbook Reserve Increases

The CCCC Library is working hard to assist students with the rising cost of textbooks. With college support and Student Equity funds, the library has identified and purchased over 110 textbooks needed for all four campuses.

Students benefit tremendously from the textbook reserve in the first weeks of the semester. When a student’s financial aid check has not come in, but the student still has homework that is due, they can come into the library and use the textbook to help with their studies. The textbooks are also used for students who are receiving free tutoring in the LAC.

If you have a textbook purchase suggestion for your class or have a textbook to donate please contact Julie Cornett or Sharlene Paxton in the Library. A library is not a luxury but one of the necessities of life—Henry Ward Beecher.

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