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CCCC Launches New Brand and Logos

CCCC Launches New Brand and Logos

Cerro Coso has unveiled a new look for its logos and brand messaging to align with their strategic goals and commitment to student completion and success.

“A branding survey was conducted during the spring semester to evaluate the effectiveness of our current logos and branding,” stated Marketing Manager Natalie Dorrell. “What we discovered is that many of those who completed the survey did not believe the logo accurately represented who we are as a college and our branding was scattered,”

The results of the survey led the charge to create new logos that build on the value proposition and core offerings of the college.

The shield: a symbol of stability, longevity, tradition, boldness, and confidence, at Cerro Coso represents the college’s strong commitment to student completion, whether it be one class, updating job skills, completing a certificate or degree, or transferring to a four year university, the College is dedicated to helping students realize their goals at Cerro Coso. Long a symbol of victory in Roman culture, the laurel leaves in the new logo exemplify student achievement and success. The College has been working hard to identify student achievement gaps and revising programs and services to help students reach their full potential. 

“Our new brand and logos are a celebration of, and preparation for, Cerro Coso’s continued growth as a college of first choice, while also honoring the institutional convictions and hard work that brought us here,” said President Jill Board.

The school’s Coyote mascot and athletic logos also received a fresh redesign.

The project was funded by the CCCC Alumni Association and an online store will be available soon with a comprehensive lineup of new logo wear and unique gear for purchase.

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