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Chapai Joins CDC

Chapai Joins CDC

Preparing nutritious meals and snacks for picky eaters is no easy task, but new Child Development Center Food Service Coordinator Renee Chapai is up for the challenge.

Prior to joining the Cerro Coso team Chapai spent 2½ years preparing meals for Sierra Sands. “Nutrition is important to the growth and development of children, and if you provide them with the right nutrition early on they will learn at an early age what’s necessary for good health,” said Chapai. “I love feeding people and trying new recipes.”

She hopes to someday manage her own kitchen and sees potential for a future business in providing local families with healthy meals. “People spend a lot of money eating out because they are so busy and the food is not that healthy. As a personal chef I could help provide healthier choices,” she said.

Chapai loves watching the children flourish in their studies and understanding and takes great pride in knowing her work plays a critical role in creating a healthy food environment.

A single mother of three: Hunter (4), Peter (10), and Haley (17), Chapai runs a local reptile group in town, helping to provide public outreach education and volunteers at a local pet shop. Peas and carrots are yummy and good for you too – Welcome Renee!

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