Cerro Coso Community College

Welcome Back, Cerro Coso Students

First Week of Classes

  1. Go to class – be on time.
  2. Get to know your professor – name, office location, office hours and preferred method of communication.
  3. Go to class prepared (textbook, notebook, pens, etc.).
  4. Find out about campus resources (Library, Counseling, Learning Assistance Center for Tutoring, etc.) that will benefit you throughout the semester.
  5. Download GradGuru or get a planner (calendar, phone) that you will use. The Student Handbook includes a very handy, dandy day planner.
  6. Read your syllabus and understand deadlines. A syllabus is not junk mail – it is a contract.
  7. Check your college assigned email regularly.
  8. Try to sit toward front and center of class.
  9. Get the phone number or email address of at least one student in your class who can share notes in case you are absent.
  10. Get into your "I'm ready to learn" attitude.

Study Strategies

  1. Get the correct materials for each of your classes.
  2. Learn how to manage your time (Balance academic, work, family and social life.).
  3. Make use of time-management strategies. It's easy to fall behind, but hard to catch up. By setting priorities and creating a semester schedule with major deadlines (i.e. exams, papers, projects) you can plot an "attack strategy" to get things done.
  4. Establish a regular time to study and a regular place to study. Have an area in your home where your books "live." Make it your space.
  5. Partner with other students. Study with a (serious) group.
  6. Take notes in class. It will keep you focused – even if you think the class is boring. Highlight key points of emphasis from the instructor.
  7. Read and prepare before going to class, participate in class discussions, turn in assignments on time and review within 24 hours after class.
  8. When studying, review is your strongest tool. If you read your assignments and take notes, but never revisit them (and not just a once over before a test), you haven't built a strong foundation to remember it later.
  9. Utilize the Library, Learning Assistance Center, Computer Lab and tutoring services. They are there to help you!
  10. Learn how to study! Cramming is not a study technique.

General Tips

  1. Take care of yourself physically, emotionally, spiritually.
  2. Eat breakfast and bring healthy "portable" foods with you. Items such as fresh fruit, trail mix, etc. You'll get more mileage out of an apple than a bag of potato chips.
  3. Sleep an appropriate amount of hours so you are refreshed and ready for class the next day.
  4. Establish a rapport with your professors and let them know if you're having problems that might hurt your academic success.
  5. Learn collegiate classroom etiquette.
  6. If you have to miss class, let the professor know ahead of time.
  7. Take a study skills, computer or student development class to enhance your current skills.
  8. Take responsibility for your own education. Professors can encourage and support the learning process, but they cannot make you learn. Remember, professors don't give good or bad grades; students earn them.

What not to do!

  1. Show up late to class and disrupt the learning process.
  2. Sleep in class.
  3. Make up excuses.
  4. Be absent, and when you return to class, ask, "Did I miss anything important?"
  5. Texting or doing other technology-related things in class, such as checking your Facebook account, Tweeting . . . or worse.
  6. Talking to the students around you and distracting the rest of the class.
  7. Being disrespectful to the professor and/or other students.

So there you have it. We hope you have a wonderful and productive semester. And always remember, if you need help, just ask. The staff and faculty at Cerro Coso Community College are dedicated to your success!

Kern Community College District