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Explore the History of Mexico at Cerro Coso

Explore the History of Mexico at Cerro Coso

From the ancient ruins of the Olmecs, Mayans, and Aztecs, to the train routes used by the legendary Pancho Villa and the beautiful beaches of Cancun and Acapulco, Mexico’s history is as romantic, blood-curling, dramatic, and complex as it gets. Beyond the stereotypical images of sombreros, tacos, and tequila is a culture and history that can be explored for years.

Although geographically part of North America bordering the US states of Texas, New Mexico, California, and Arizona, Mexico is truly a Latin American country – with its own unique culture and people. A country with a rich historical past and a promising future, Mexico is a country overflowing with culture and tradition.

Cerro Coso Community College is offering a course in the History of Mexico (HIST C209) this fall with instructor Benjamin Beshwate on Mondays and Wednesdays from 11:00am to 12:25pm. In this three unit class you will learn about Mexico’s contributions to art, food, language, math and science, architecture, religion, and government.

Drawing on both classic and current sources, the class provides a wide-ranging survey of Mexican history from the pre-Columbian period to the present and includes an analysis of the social, cultural, political, and economic aspects of the Mexican past.

Explore Mexico’s diverse landscape and rich history at Cerro Coso this fall. Classes begin August 23, 2013. Complete registration and course information available on the web at http://www.cerrocoso.edu or contact the college counseling department at (760) 384-6219.

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