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Latin at Cerro Coso Community College

Latin at Cerro Coso Community College

"Latin instruction is a rare commodity in 21st century California. However, it continues to offer insight into a number of educational areas of great importance," said Cerro Coso Community College Instructor Charles Humphreys. There are many reasons Latin has long been considered the one subject to be mastered before which all others should follow.

Learning Latin can increase global understanding; better comprehension of the specialized vocabulary for legal, medical, and scientific terminology; improve employment potential; increase native language ability; sharpen cognitive and life skills; build an appreciation for international literature, music, and film; and make travel more enjoyable. The study of Latin has proven to improve SAT scores and increase vocabulary exponentially as well as improve reading comprehension.

Mr. Humphreys has taught Latin for more than 50 years and received the American Classical League’s (ACL) Meritus Award in recognition of his sustained and distinguished services to the ACL and the profession at large. When explaining the many benefits of learning the Latin language, Mr. Humphreys’ said "everyone should consider taking this class. The specialized vocabulary of the biological sciences and medicine are based on Latin. Seventy percent of the English vocabulary is based on Latin, and it is proven the study of Latin word roots increases reading comprehension amazingly, and the study of the structure of the language greatly enhances understanding of any modern language a person wishes to learn."

Cerro Coso Community College is the only place in Kern County that offers formal training in the language of Latin. The college is offering an Elementary Latin I class this fall on Tuesday and Thursday evenings from 6:45 to 8:50 p.m.

"At Cerro Coso Latin instruction does not include conversation practice, and therefore can move farther during a semester into the ability to read more advanced material," said Humphreys. The course covers the basic structures and vocabulary for understanding reading, writing, and speaking Latin. Latin is also the study of history, art, music, theatre, philosophy, law, literature, laboratory science, and so much more.

While Latin is not spoken in contemporary cultures for the purpose of communication, the study of the language helps students in very tangible ways. The benefits of taking Latin are many and Latin students are still considered to be better college candidates by most college admission boards. Latin can set high school seniors and college transfer students apart from the thousands of students applying to the same prestigious schools.

Latin is the key to language and cultural awareness. "Try it–You’ll like it!" Contact a Cerro Coso counselor today at 760-384-6219 for more information. Fall classes begin August 25, 2014.

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