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CCCC Foundation Welcomes Grove

CCCC Foundation Welcomes Grove

Only one thing could bring a woman from the rainy lush green region of the Netherlands to the dry terrain of the desert—and that is LOVE. New Department Assistant for the CCCC Foundation Hester Grove met her husband, Mike, online and moved to Ridgecrest four years ago. Hester says the thing she loves the most about her new surroundings is the beautiful big sky that you seldom see from her home country. "When I first came here I said...not another full moon. We don't see as many full moons in the Netherlands," explained Hester. The desert has no shortage of full moons, but she misses her father, friends, and the beautiful green landscape.

Born and raised in Holland, a densely populated region of the Netherlands, Hester spent nine years working in a facility for the criminally insane.

Another advantage of the desert is the ability to just "open my gate and ride into the sunset on my quad," she said. "Something else you cannot do in Holland." Hester loves an adventure and recalls a time hitchhiking in Ireland with a friend and being picked up by a musical band of eight guys in a van from Northern Ireland. "When I think about it, that was pretty crazy," she concluded. Hester is bound to enjoy some fun adventures at Cerro Coso Community College.

The CCCC Foundation joins the college in WELCOMING Hester!

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