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Don't Panic! How to Make Stress Your New Best Friend!

Don't Panic! How to Make Stress Your New Best Friend!

A Professional Development & Student Activities Workshop
September 13, 2013 9 a.m. to 12 p.m. LRC – Room 604
Open to the Public

Most of us view stress as something to avoid because it makes us feel anxious, uncomfortable, and overwhelmed, so we'd rather live a life without it. But did you know that stress is also essential to our growth and development because it can ignite our creativity, make us more resilient problem solvers, and help us achieve our goals?

Sally Jue, an independent consultant for the California Community Colleges Student Mental Health Programs via the applied Research Solutions will present an interactive 3-hour workshops on the topic on Friday, September 13, 2013 from 9 a.m. to 12 noon. This workshop will provide an understanding of how stress, even when we don't like how it makes us feel, can actually be helpful, as well as discuss some practical tools for recognizing and effectively managing its more negative effects on us.

Over the course of her career as a social worker, Jue has worked in healthcare, started and ran one of the first mental health programs in the US for people living with HIV, and provided training, coaching, and facilitation services to a variety of government, education, non-profit, and corporate clients to help them more effectively achieve their personal and professional goals.

Participants in this workshop will understand and describe 3 different kinds of stress and their impact; identify internal and external stressors; recognize stress symptoms in self and others; learn and practice stress leveraging and stress management tools; and develop a personal stress management plan and support system.

The workshop will be held in the Learning Resource Center Room 604 and is open to all students, staff, and community members. Please RSVP to John Mercer at (760) 384-6376 for space availability.

For further information, please contact Natalie Dorrell, Public Information (760) 384-6260
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