Cerro Coso Community College

The Baseball Team is All Together at Cerro Coso and Ready for 2013-2014

The baseball team has assembled in Cerro Coso and is ready to prepare for the 2014 Baseball Season. At the Student Athlete Orientation on Tues., Aug. 20th, we had 40+ talented baseball players eager to get on the field. With the school year just around the corner, the team is set to begin their fall scrimmage schedule. The schedule consists of 10 games against some of the best junior college teams, universities, and scout teams in California. Check the schedule for details. John Mercer, the Athletic Director at Cerro Coso, is thrilled with the great group of student-athletes that have enrolled to play at Cerro Coso and the baseball players are eager to make a positive impact of our program; both academically and athletically. With the season just around the corner our student-athletes have set the stage to succeed, now, the hard work begins!

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