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The following sites are for information only. The process of borrowing any materials from these libraries must be done through an Interlibrary Loan, by the LRC staff or through your local community library.

California State Library

The California State Library Catalog provides listings and descriptions of most of the holdings of the Library, including books, periodicals, microfilm, microfiche, maps, and many other formats of materials. Books and serials in these collections primarily emphasize subject areas of interest to State government such as education, environment, business, technology, social sciences, and public policy.

California State University Libraries

Search the collections of the 24 California State University Libraries through this link. The Library Information Center provides a map of the locations of these campuses. Access is available to the library web sites by clicking on a location.

Heartland Virtual Catalog

The virtual catalog allows you to search several of the Heartland libraries' catalogssimultaneously.

Kern County Library System

Through the Kern County Library System, there is access to the library collections for all branches of the Kern County Libraries. The Kern County Library System, with headquarters in Bakersfield, is a county-wide library system and provides all public library services in Kern County. It was organized as the Kern County Free Library on July 11, 1911, and currently operates 28 branches.

Library of Congress

The enormous size and variety of its collections make the Library of Congress the largest library in the world. Comprised of approximately 120 million items in virtually all formats, languages, and subjects, these collections are the single most comprehensive accumulation of human expression ever assembled.

San Bernardino and Mono County Library Systems

There are 34 branches of the San Bernardino County Library system where there are resources available to improve education, career, parenting skills, business or hobby. The library system serves a population of over one million residing in the largest county in the contiguous lower forty-eight states.

The Mono County Free Library system is participating in the InfoPeople Project, which provides points of public access to the Internet at public library sites throughout California.

University of California Libraries-California Digital Library

The California Digital Library (CDL) is a "eleventh library" for the University of California (UC). It is a collaborative effort of the UC campuses, with the implementation of systems that support the shared collections of the University of California. The Melvyl Catalog and the Articles databases contain bibliographic information (author, title, publisher, date of publication, subject headings, etc.), as well as the specific location and call numbers for library materials owned by UC and others.

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