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Connect from Off-Campus

Using your student ID number you can access thousands of eBooks, journal and magazine articles, and many other e-resources at home or through any internet connection 24/7.

Accessing Databases & Indexes:

Go to the list of databases. Clicking the link for any database or index will prompt the log-in page. On the log-in page, enter your Student ID number [College-generated ID including the @ symbol and any zeros] in the box to gain access to the database.

Accessing eBooks

  1. eBooks can be found through the Cerro Coso Library catalog. They can be recognized by "[electronic resource]" or "[computer file]" in the title line, and "eBook collection" under Collection. Click on the title to access the item record for that title.
  2. Once you are in the item record for an e-book title, click the link that reads "An electronic book accessible through the World Wide Web. Click here for access." This will prompt the log-in page.
  3. On the log-in page, enter your ID number [College-generated ID including the @ symbol and any zeros] in the box.
  4. You will then be routed to the EBSCO eBook database, where our eBooks are stored.
  5. Click on "eBook Full Text" on the left side of the page to open the book.

More about eBooks

Remote Access Troubleshooting

If you are experiencing trouble logging in to online resources using your student ID number, please see below:

Not sure of your ID number?

If you need help with verifying your student ID number, it can be found in Banner self-service.

Log-in to InsideCC (or click "Inside CC" button in the black bar at the top of this page and log-in).

Once logged in, open the "student" tab. Then click on the folder on the left that says "Banner Self-Service", this will expand several options. Click on "personal information" to view the folder's contents. Then click "view your student ID" to find your @ number/student ID number.

Know your ID number and experiencing log-in problems?

Sometimes settings specific to the computer or browser you are using can block you from gaining access to our resources.

Our site requires the use of "cookies" to store the authentication information for this page. You must have cookies enabled to use the databases. A cookie is a unique piece of data generated by a web site and then stored on your computer through your browser. This is not a virus; it is an actual function that is supported by your web browser. By accepting the cookie that is generated from this site, you are allowing access to this site and you will continue to have access until the cookie expires or you remove the cookie. The information that is being saved to the cookie is a simple "Yes" and the expiration. We do not use the cookie for any other purpose.

If you have problems accessing the database pages, do the following*:

  1. Open Internet browser.

  2. Tools.

  3. Internet options.

  4. Click on delete temp files, and cookies.

  5. Click on delete history.

  6. Then close the browser.

  7. Go back, and try again to see if this has helped.

*These directions may vary based on the browser you are using. Check the help section of your browser for specific instructions on how to enable cookies, clear cookies, clear history, etc.

If you are using Internet Explorer and received the error message "A system problem has occurred":

  1. In Internet Explorer open Tools select Internet Options

  2. Under "Browsing History" click the DELETE button (a new window will open)

  3. UNCHECK "Preserve Favorites website data"

  4. Make sure the rest of the settings are CHECKED, particularly Temporary Internet files, Cookies, InPrivate Filtering data

  5. Click DELETE button

  6. Close all IE web browsers and launch a new IE window and try logging in now

If you have a firewall installed, this may also prevent you from accessing the databases. You may need to change its configuration to allow the required cookie to be set.

Still can't log-in?

Apply for remote access.

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