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Free tutoring is offered on campus and online to registered Cerro Coso students. Students need a referral from their class instructor, a counselor, or Learning Assistance Center (LAC) faculty member. A faculty member or counselor can fill out the Instructor Referral Form available on the Faculty page to refer a students to the LAC for tutoring. Once a student is signed up for EDUC C004 (Supervised Tutoring), students will need to fill out a Student Tutor Request Form with their available schedule before a tutor can be assigned.

Students may complete the request form online or on the Ridgecrest campus. Please call us at (760) 384-6161 for more information or come in to fill out a tutor request form. The hours for the Ridgecrest campus are 8:00am - 9:00pm Monday through Thursday and 8:00am - 12:00pm on Friday. Students needing tutoring on our other campuses may drop by the Learning Center on their campus.

Our free tutoring is available from trained peer tutors in almost all subjects both on campus or online. Tutoring is provided individually or in groups based on student need. Online students may request online tutoring by submitting the Student Tutor Request Form. Students needing further assistance are invited to visit the center for more information or call for assistance.

Students receiving tutoring are expected to come with books, syllabus, class assignments, and they should be able to articulate specific coursework questions to their tutor. See the Tutee Contract for the full list of student responsibilities.

Tutor/Lab Aides are on duty during open hours, ready to tutor in a variety of subjects and are may upon check-in with the LAC staff be available for drop-in tutoring. All lab aides are also trained tutors and may assist students with basic computer needs as well as specific tutoring needs.

Cerro Coso also Offers Supplemental Instruction for specific courses—usually for basic skills courses and targeted tutoring at instructor request. Targeted Tutoring occurs when a tutor goes into a classroom to perform a specific task such as taking notes and then students come to the LAC to meet with a tutor about the content of their notes.

Becoming a Tutor

Students who wish to become a tutor need a recommendation from an instructor in the subject area they wish to tutor. Potential tutors, beside the instructor recommendation, must complete student employment requirements and complete EDUC C170 Tutor Training. Tutors must be registered for a minimum of six units at Cerro Coso. Tutors are paid as student workers. All referrals for student tutors are sent to the LAC; however, a referral does not guarantee a student will be a tutor.

On campus tutors who have completed 25 hours of tutoring and have been evaluated are eligible to receive Level 1 International Tutor Certification from CRLA-College Reading and Learning Association. Cerro Coso Community College is a participant in this program of certification. Tutors for Supplemental Instruction and Targeted Tutoring must also complete Tutor Training plus additional training.

GED Preparation

GED Exam Preparation EDUC C005 will be available stating fall 2014. Students need to check the schedule for EDUC C005 on their campus. GED Testing is offered through PearsonVue on select Fridays on the Ridgecrest/IWV campus..

ESL/English Assistance

Tutoring for English is available.

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