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Cerro Coso Community College

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Ways to Give

The need for support is greater than ever. Student fees and the cost of books and supplies continue to rise. If you are interested in making a donation to help students achieve their educational goals, there are many ways you can help.

Give to the CCCC Foundation Annual Fund

Donors can designate cash gifts for a particular fund, scholarship, or program; or, they can offer unrestricted gifts to support the areas of greatest need as determined by the College. Contributors may also make a gift of negotiable securities, including stocks and bonds.

Planned Gifts

Bequests, trust funds and other estate-related tools are good ways for some people to support the college. A planned gift to the Cerro Coso Community College Foundation might provide tangible benefits to you or your estate and allow you to make a significant contribution to the College.

In addition to participation in the Foundation's charitable gift annuity program, there are many ways of establishing gift annuities that will give you maximum security during your lifetime. A professional financial planner should advise you about these opportunities.


Establish a Scholarship

All new scholarships at Cerro Coso Community College are accepted through the Cerro Coso Community College Foundation. The College Development Director assists Donors in developing a scholarship which fulfills their goals and expectations.

In order to be perpetual, scholarships at the College require a minimum of Five Thousand Dollars, $5000, which may be accumulated over a two (2) year period (or longer with prior approval) from the date of the establishment of the scholarship. Perpetual scholarships award only a portion of the income from the endowment as determined by the Donor and/or the College.

If you are interested in establishing a perpetual scholarship contact:

Natalie Dorrell
(760) 384-6260

Donate to the Promise Scholarship

The Foundation is excited to announce a new scholarship initiative called the Cerro Coso Promise. The Promise will effectively reduce financial barriers to allow students to focus on completing their educational goals in an affordable and timely manner. This merit-based scholarship is unique in its support for students regardless of their financial situation. It is intended to support hard-working, dedicated students whom deserve an education regardless of financial or personal status.

In order to sustain this initiative for future Cerro Coso students, we need community and donor support! Please consider designating a gift specifically to the Cerro Coso Promise Fund.

Learn more about the Promise scholarship here: Cerro Coso Promise

Frequently Asked Questions

We invite you to learn more about the Cerro Coso College College Annual Fund by reviewing some of the most frequently asked questions of staff and volunteers:

Question: What is the Annual Fund?
Answer: The gifts that alumni, parents, and friends of the College make in response to yearly requests for support comprise the Annual Fund. Annual giving is a way in which the largest number of college constituents is able to support Cerro Coso College. The Annual Fund includes unrestricted gifts and gifts restricted for current operations. Gifts to the Fund are expended in the fiscal year in which they are received.
Question: How is the Annual Fund used?
Answer: Annual gifts help support the operating budget. They provide vitally needed resources for academic programs, scholarship support, equipment and materials purchases, computers for labs, student services, as well as academic and co-curricular programming and activities. Cerro Coso College depends on annual gifts for an important part of its budget.
Question: How can my gift make a difference?
Answer: Every gift counts toward increasing our participation rate. By making a gift, the donor is choosing to take an active role in the life of the College. Each gift has immediate impact. Consider this: Every dollar given to the Annual Fund equals the spendable income that $20 in the endowment generates. Alumni giving serves as an important measure by which foundations gauge alumni involvement and satisfaction. Foundations often consider alumni participation rates when making major gifts to colleges and universities. Just as important, college guidebooks such as Barron's, Fiske, and U.S. News & World Report use alumni giving participation rates as the sole criterion to assess alumni satisfaction when determining overall institutional ratings of quality.
Question: What are matching gifts and will my employer match my gift?
Answer: Matching gifts are dollars matched by employers in response to charitable contributions made by employees. Retirees, as well as spouses and domestic partners of employees often are also eligible for corporate matching gifts. To find out if your employer is a matching gift company, please contact your personnel or human resources office. To have your gift matched, complete a matching gift form and return it, along with your contribution, to the Office of Annual Giving. Matching gifts can help you qualify for Annual Fund Recognition Clubs.

The Cerro Coso Community College Foundation is a 501(c) (3) organization. All gifts to the foundation qualify for the maximum allowable deduction under the law. Donors should consult their tax counsel to determine the tax deductibility of any gift as it relates to their personal situation.

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