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The LAC is available to proctor exams for on-site students who need to make up an exam and for students enrolled in online courses. Additionally, at the instructor's request, we can oversee the entire proctor approval process for any online course. In order for us to coordinate the proctoring process as efficiently as is possible, we have assembled a short list of best practices for arranging proctoring. Please take a minute and review the following guidelines. By following these guidelines, you will help us to provide the best possible service to you and our students.


Please submit a "Request for Proctoring/Testing Services" form, available below, to Kelly Potten no later than one week before the start of the semester. This confirms your desire to have the LAC proctor exams. You will need to provide your contact information and exam instructions for all exams for the semester including exam titles, dates, time and aids allowed on this form. We will keep this information on file for the duration of the semester.

  1. Exams must have a set time limit. Due to exams running through lunch hours and after business hours, we will no longer proctor exams that don't have a time limit.
  2. Limit exam attempts to no more than two. When students are allowed unlimited attempts to improve an exam grade, it can tie up proctoring resources at other locations, so please limit the attempts.
  3. The LAC policy requires students to complete exams in one sitting. Students may not start an exam and then schedule to finish it on another day. Exams must be turned in to the proctor when completed. The proctor will turn them into the switchboard to be put in the mailbox unless the instructor makes other arrangements with Kelly Potten.
  4. Students need to schedule exams 2 business days in advance in the LAC and one week in advance at other locations. We do not accept "drop-ins".
  5. Please have students COMPLETE ALL EXAM RETAKES BEFORE FINALS WEEK. Finals week is the busiest time for our proctors, and we need to be sure that they can accommodate students who need to take finals without trying to work in retakes. Students who need to take finals will have priority.

*For on-site courses, you may leave a blank copy of each exam on file and we can make copies as needed or you can deliver exams to the LAC as they are scheduled.

If this is your first time requesting proctoring for an online course, we need your request prior to the first day of enrollment. We are obligated to post proctoring requirements so that students are aware of it at the time of registration.

If you already have a proctor requirement in place and posted, but don't currently use the LAC to coordinate proctoring services for your online students, we can still set that up for you-just submit the request form.


In addition to the above guidelines, we ask that you do the following:

  1. Post the proctor requirement in the searchable schedule PRIOR to registration. We are obligated to post proctoring requirements in the searchable schedule so that students are aware of it at the time of registration. It's also a good idea to clearly state in your syllabus which exams must be proctored and the dates. Make sure students are aware of the proctoring policies and procedures by providing them with a link to the proctoring page.
  2. Indicate on the "Request for Testing Services" form whether you need proctoring for local students only or if you would like us to coordinate proctoring for all your students.
  3. Set a deadline for students to complete the proctor approval process. Ideally, this should be no longer than the end of the second week of class. Please do not allow students to secure proctors right up to the first exam. This creates problems for us.
  4. It is best to limit PROCTORED exams to no more than four per semester. While testing is free at any KCCD campus for our students, most other testing sites charge around $25 hr. for exam proctoring. By limiting the number of proctored exams, we can keep costs down for students enrolled in multiple courses.
  5. If the LAC is coordinating all of your proctoring needs, encourage students to contact Kelly Potten directly, rather than contacting the instructor, if they have any proctoring issues during the semester. Often the instructor doesn't know what has transpired between a student/proctor/Kelly so by having Kelly handle all correspondence with students and proctors, we can avoid any "he said-she said" type of situations. Kelly will notify instructors when necessary.

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