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Cerro Coso Honors Contract Request

Honors contracts may vary in format, but all require regular meetings with the course instructor and culminate in some tangible evidence of the student's additional effort. This evidence must be in addition to, not an extension of, a paper or assignment already given in the course.

Contracts are now a half-unit course, created after the approval of an Honors Contract Request. This class meets the equivalent of nine 50-minute sessions. That can be done in fewer longer sessions (e.g., five 90-minute class sessions), but no more than nine class sessions, dates and times set by the instructor.

Student Information
You must use your college email address (@email.cerrocoso.edu or @cerrocoso.edu) or this form will not be processed. @bakersfieldcollege.edu and @portervillecollege.edu and @kccd.edu emails also accepted.
Since contracts are permitted only for students in the Honors Program, if a non-Program student wishes to pursue a contract, the student must provide a compelling rationale, such as the student plans on applying to or completing the Honors Program but is not quite eligible for the program yet. Such requests will be reviewed on a case by case basis.
Course Information
Since contracts are not allowed in courses regularly offered as honors courses, this would need to be a compelling reason, such as the student cannot graduate from the Honors Program without this specific contract.
Contract Information
Be specific. This is the most official part of the request, what goes to the Board of Trustees.
List specific location, dates, and times, outside of office hours. Face-to-face classes should have face-to-face meetings. For online classes, use Skype or another real-time form of communication, or if the student is in the same location as the instructor, a face-to-face meeting is preferable.

Be specific when describing honors project and assignments (e.g., titles of books, number of sources, number of pages required, one assignment per box below). The final project must be a ten-page (2500-word) research paper or equivalent. Meeting times and the hours to complete the assignments must total 54 hours. (No work can begin before contract request is approved.)

To earn honors credit, the combination of meeting times and the hours to complete the assignments must total at least 54 hours. For example:

  • Total proposed assignment hours = 8
  • Total proposed meeting hours = 46
Assignment 1
For example: March 23.
Assignment 2
For example: March 23.
Assignment 3
For example: March 23.
Assignment 4
For example: March 23.
Assignment 5
For example: March 23.
Assignment 6
For example: March 23.
Assignment 7
For example: March 23.
Assignment 8
For example: March 23.
Assignment 9
For example: March 23.
Culminating Project Assignment
10-page, 2500-word research paper
For example: March 23.
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