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Cerro Coso Community College

Undocumented Students Action Week

California Community Colleges Undocumented Students Action Week

Building Bridges: Systemic Solutions To Support Undocumented Students

The fifth annual Undocumented Student Action Week will be held October 18-22, 2021. This year also marks the twentieth anniversary of Assembly Bill 540, the landmark legislation that opened the doors of higher education to thousands of undocumented students by removing the burden of out-of-state tuition. Please join us for a special conversation featuring Acting Chancellor Dr. Daisy Gonzales, Chancellor Dr. Joseph I. Castro, President Dr. Michael V. Drake, and President Kristen Soares that will highlight systemwide efforts to support AB 540 students and discuss shared commitments to continue addressing challenges that remain in order to support the success of all of our undocumented students.

Event Details: 20th Anniversary of AB540 and System Leader Panel

Monday, October 18 | 10 am - 2 pm


Undocumented Student Action Week Systemwide Webinars

In the last five years, our collective budget and legislative advocacy during Undocumented Student Action Week has led to funding for Dream Resource Centers and Liaisons, the establishment of an Immigration Legal Services Project, the expansion of AB 540 eligibility, and the protection of DACA. We know all too well that change is important every day of the year, not just during action week. This year’s theme, “Change in Action” empowers us to engage in state, federal, and local action to support undocumented students in their goal of earning a college education. We must think about the ways we can cultivate and empower change that is long lasting.

During Undocumented Student Action Week, the California Community Colleges will be hosting a system webinar every day at 1:00 pm.

Event Details: Systemwide Webinars

Tuesday - Friday, October 19–22 | 1-2 pm

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To Learn More About These Virtual Events, Please Visit The Chancellor’S Office Website

Tuesday, October 19

Equitable Student-Centered Design to Ensure Undocumented Student Success

System-Wide Webinar | 1-2 pm


Free Immigration Legal Service

Make an appointment with the UFW Foundation for free legal service and DACA assistance.
UFW Foundation Appointment


Dreamers Live Online Workshop - October 20, 2021

Wednesday, October 20

Share Your Immigration Story | 11-1 pm

Come share your story and enjoy sweet breads and soda!
Location: Student Center - IWV


Innovative Uses of Funds to Support Undocumented Students

System-Wide Webinar | 1-2 pm


Dream Act, Scholarship, and Financial Supports | 2-5 pm

Location: Virtual Lobby | Financial Aid


Thursday, October 21

Effectively Using Data in a Complex Environment

System-Wide Webinar | 1-2 pm


Friday, October 22

Policy Context: Undocumented Student Rights & Resources

System-Wide Webinar | 1-2 pm Register for this webinar


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Share Your Immigration Story Virtually

California Community Colleges Support Undocumented Students | My Immigrant Story is... (
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Vision Resource Training Module

The module provides a common understanding of undocumented students in our system along with learned strategies and promising practices to support them. By being aware of undocumented students’ unique circumstances and knowing where to direct them for help, you can help make significant and meaningful impacts on their educational journeys. (45 minutes to complete) Information covered includes: Supporting undocumented students, Protecting student data, Financial aid for undocumented students, Holistic supports, and Employment alternatives.

Visit the Vision Resource Center website


Online | Zoom | Ridgecrest, IWV Campus
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