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Cerro Coso Community College Employees ordered by last name.
Name Department Position Email Phone Location
Braxton Walls Information Technology Services
System Support Specialist I braxton.walls@cerrocoso.edu 760-384-6179
LRC 634
Helen Wang Mathematics
Adjunct Faculty, Mathematics hwang@cerrocoso.edu
Matthew Wanta Allied Health
Professor, Nursing; Director of Nursing matthew.wanta@cerrocoso.edu 760-384-6331
MB 107
Dawn Ward Business and Information Technology
Professor, Paralegal dawn.ward@cerrocoso.edu 760-384-6236
LRC 724
Roger Warnock Business and Information Technology
Adjunct Faculty, Computer Science rwarnock@cerrocoso.edu
Jeffrey Welsh Counseling
Counselor jeffrey.welsh@cerrocoso.edu 760-379-5501
Heleen Welvaart Allied Health
Adjunct Faculty, Allied Health heleen.welvaart@cerrocoso.edu
Sherri Windish Learning Assistance Center (LAC)
LAC Office Supervisor swindish@cerrocoso.edu 760-384-6161
LRC 704
Justin Witt CC Online
Educational Media Design Specialist justin.witt@cerrocoso.edu 760-384-6147
LRC 724A
Alicia Woolsey Counseling
Department Assistant II, Counseling alicia.woolsey@cerrocoso.edu 760-384-6219
MB 215
Carlos Wright-Tkacz English and Foreign Languages
Adjunct Faculty, English carlos.wrighttkacz@cerrocoso.edu
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