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Cerro Coso Community College Employees ordered by last name.
Name Department Position Email Phone Location
Penny Talley ACCESS Programs
Professor, ACCESS Programs; EOPS & CARE Director ptalley@cerrocoso.edu (760) 384-6250
MB 208D
Katie Tankersley Human Resources
Human Resources Assistant kathryn.tankersley@cerrocoso.edu (760) 384-6243
WV 6
Shelly Tannehill Allied Health
Associate Professor, Nursing shelly.tannehill@cerrocoso.edu (760) 384-6119
EV 12C
Vickie Taton Business and Information Technology
Adjunct Faculty, Digital Media Arts vtaton@cerrocoso.edu
Frank Timpone Business and Information Technology
Associate Professor, Business frank.timpone@cerrocoso.edu (760) 384-6149
LRC 734
Kara Tolbert Community Education
Campus Manager, Continuing Education kara.tolbert@cerrocoso.edu (760) 384-6208
WV 4
Kern Community College District