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Name Department Position Email Phone Location
Lören Sandvik Visual and Performing Arts
Professor, Art; Department Chair, Visual and Performing Arts lsandvik@cerrocoso.edu 760-384-6222
Art 111
Pedro Santiago Financial Aid
Financial Aid Technician 760-384-6221
MB 203
Ma Katrina Santos Mathematics
Adjunct Faculty, Mathematics ma.santos@cerrocoso.edu
EKC Boron
Christopher Schoors Maintenance & Operations
Custodian christopher.schoors@cerrocoso.edu 760-384-6118
Lynné Schoors ACCESS Programs
Department Assistant II lynne.schoors@cerrocoso.edu 760-384-6250
MB 215
Brian Schuldt Visual and Performing Arts
Adjunct Faculty, Music brian.schuldt@cerrocoso.edu
Justus Scott Kinesiology and Health Science
Associate Professor, Physical Education; Baseball Coach justus.scott@cerrocoso.edu 760-384-6330
PE 413
Jessica Scott Science and Engineering
Adjunct Faculty, Physical Science jscott@cerrocoso.edu
Claudia Sellers Science and Engineering
Professor, Biology clseller@cerrocoso.edu 760-384-6308
MB 345
Donald Seymour Visual and Performing Arts
Teaching Assistant, Art dseymour@cerrocoso.edu 760-384-6238
Art 112
Connie Shropshire Maintenance & Operations
Custodian constance.shropshire@cerrocoso.edu 760-384-6118
Susan Shultz Social Sciences
Adjunct Faculty, History susan.shultz@cerrocoso.edu
Blaine Simmons Counseling
Adjunct Counselor blaine.simmons@cerrocoso.edu 760-384-6250
MB 216
Joseph Slovacek Mathematics
Professor, Mathematics jslovace@cerrocoso.edu 760-872-5318
BESCC 160 & MESCC 225C
Christine Small Counseling
Director, Counseling and SSSP christine.small@cerrocoso.edu 760-384-6219
MB 208A
Rudy Solidarios Jr. Maintenance & Operations
Custodian rsolidar@cerrocoso.edu 760-384-6118
Sylvia Sotomayor Public Information Office
Web Content Editor sylvia.sotomayor@cerrocoso.edu 760-384-6177
LAC 724D
Ayanna Spivey Counseling
Educational Advisor ayanna.spivey@cerrocoso.edu 760-384-6395
Karen Spurlock Library
Library Assistant II kspurloc@cerrocoso.edu 760-384-6131
Lo Stender Athletics
Athletic Trainer laurel.stender@cerrocoso.edu 760-384-6388
PE 423
Lisa Stephens Kern River Valley
Director, East Kern and Kern River Valley lisa.stephens@cerrocoso.edu 760-384-6395
661-823-4986 X 6617
Norman Stephens Social Sciences
Professor, Economics nstephen@cerrocoso.edu 760-384-6306
MB 237
Teri Stephenson Child Development and Education
Adjunct Faculty, Child Development teri.stephenson@cerrocoso.edu
Jacqueline Stoner ACCESS Programs
Access Programs Counselor jacqueline.stoner@cerrocoso.edu 760-384-6250
MB 216
Robin Suitt Child Development and Education
Adjunct Faculty, Child Development robin.suitt@cerrocoso.edu
Rochelle Sutton Financial Aid
Financial Aid Technician rsutton@cerrocoso.edu 760-384-6221
MB 203
Christine Swiridoff English and Foreign Languages
Professor, English; Phi Theta Kappa Advisor cswirido@cerrocoso.edu 760-384-6312
MB 319B
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