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Cerro Coso Community College Employees ordered by last name.
Name Department Position Email Phone Location
Kathleen O'Brien Business and Information Technology
Adjunct Faculty, Digital Media Arts kobrien@cerrocoso.edu
James O'Connor Industrial Arts
Professor, Industrial Arts joconnor@cerrocoso.edu 760-384-6297
WW 198
Karen O'Connor Business and Information Technology
Professor, Business Office Technology/ Computer Science; Department Chair, Business & Information Technology koconnor@cerrocoso.edu 760-384-6172
LRC 724
Inge Olsen Kern River Valley
Department Assistant III iolsen@cerrocoso.edu 760-379-5501
Guck Ooi Science and Engineering
Professor, Biology; Honors Program Coordinator guck.ooi@cerrocoso.edu 760-384-6323
MB 342
Heather Ostash Student Services
Vice President, Student Services hostash@cerrocoso.edu 760-384-6249
MB 206
Theresa Otto Visual and Performing Arts
Adjunct Faculty, Art theresa.otto@cerrocoso.edu
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