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Cerro Coso Community College Employees ordered by last name.
Name Department Position Email Phone Location
Sarah Land Eastern Sierra College Center
Department Assistant II sarah.land@cerrocoso.edu 760-872-5300
Brandi Lantz Child Development Center - California City
Child Development Center Assistant (Cal City) brandi.lantz@cerrocoso.edu (760) 373-1070
California City CDC
Mark Lathrop Maintenance & Operations
Plant Engineer mlathrop@cerrocoso.edu 760-384-6363
Karen Lawhon Social Sciences
Adjunct Faculty, Psychology karthomp@cerrocoso.edu
Kevin Leffler Maintenance & Operations
Maintenance kleffler@cerrocoso.edu 760-384-6300
Crystal Leffler Administrative Services
Administrative Secretary cleffler@cerrocoso.edu 760-384-6230
MB 327
Deborah Lessany-Abdi Social Sciences
Adjunct Faculty, Psychology dlessany@cerrocoso.edu
Ted Little Social Sciences
Adjunct Faculty thlittle@cerrocoso.edu 760-379-5501
Faith Lorenz Allied Health
Adjunct Faculty, Allied Health faith.lorenz@cerrocoso.edu
Jerry Lulejian Business and Information Technology
Adjunct Faculty, Paralegal Studies jerry.lulejian@cerrocoso.edu
Deborah Lurie Visual and Performing Arts
Adjunct Faculty, Art dlurie@cerrocoso.edu 760-920-0493
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