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Cerro Coso Community College Employees ordered by last name.
Name Department Position Email Phone Location
Joana Galvez Child Development Center - Ridgecrest/IWV
Associate Teacher, Child Development Center jogalvez@cerrocoso.edu 760-384-6362
David German Business and Information Technology
Adjunct Faculty dgerman@cerrocoso.edu 760-872-1260
Demetria Gianpolous Mathematics
Adjunct Faculty, Mathematics demetria.gianopoulos@cerrocoso.edu
Raul Gonzalez Maintenance & Operations
Groundsworker raul.gonzalez@cerrocoso.edu 760-384-6167
Catherine Gonzalez Mathematics
Adjunct Faculty, Mathematics catherine.gonzalez@cerrocoso.edu
Lucila Gonzalez-Cirre English and Foreign Languages
Professor, Spanish lcirre@cerrocoso.edu 760-384-6121
MB 241
Linda Gowin Admissions and Records
Admissions and Records Tech II linda.gowin@cerrocoso.edu 760-384-6356
MB 202
Matt Greedy Social Sciences
Adjunct Faculty, History matthew.greedy@cerrocoso.edu
Deborah Gregory Administrative Services
Graphic Designer, Print Shop deborah.gregory@cerrocoso.edu 760-384-6228
MB 129
Alec Griffin Social Sciences
Professor, Anthropology/Sociology alec.griffin@cerrocoso.edu 661-823-4986
Nicole Griffin Career Technical Education
Program Manager, Dual Enrollment/Prison Education nicole.griffin@cerrocoso.edu 760-382-6603
Melissa Gross Counseling
Professor, Counseling mgross@cerrocoso.edu 760-384-6219
MB 213
Gabriel Gutierrez Financial Aid
Department Assistant II – Financial Aid 760-384-6221
MB 203
Elena Guzman Human Resources
HR Assistant elena.guzman@cerrocoso.edu 760-384-6243
MB 325
Alfonso Guzman Counseling
Educational Advisor alfonso.guzman@cerrocoso.edu 760-384-6219
MB 215
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