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Cerro Coso Community College Employees ordered by last name.
Name Department Position Email Phone Location
Candy Caine Administrative Services
Receptionist ccaine@cerrocoso.edu (760) 384-6101
MB 220
Scott Cameron Science and Engineering
Professor, Physical Science scameron@cerrocoso.edu (760) 384-6143
MB 344
Deanna Campbell Eastern Sierra College Center
Director, Eastern Sierra College Center dcampbel@cerrocoso.edu (760) 872-5301
Pamela Campbell ACCESS Programs
Director, Access Programs pamela.campbell@cerrocoso.edu (760) 384-6178
MB 207
Michael Campbell Information Technology Services
Director, Information Technology michael.campbell@cerrocoso.edu (760) 384-6159
LRC 634
Rosie Cano Child Development Center - Ridgecrest/IWV
CDC Associate Teacher rosie.cano@cerrocoso.edu (760) 384-6362
Anna Carlson Counseling
Educational Advisor anna.carlson@cerrocoso.edu (661) 823-4986
(661) 258-8644
Johnna Cassel-Cloonan Child Development Center - Ridgecrest/IWV
CDC Associate Teacher johnna.cassel@cerrocoso.edu (760) 384-6362
Egmont Cervantes Athletics
Soccer Coach egmont.cervantes@cerrocoso.edu (760) 384-6136
PE 413
Annette Champion Child Development Center - Ridgecrest/IWV
Teacher, Child Development Center annette.champion@cerrocoso.edu (760) 384-6362
Brianne Chappell-McGovern Allied Health
Adjunct Faculty, Emergency Medical Technology bchappel@cerrocoso.edu
Lynn Charlon Financial Aid
Department Assistant, Financial Aid lcharlon@cerrocoso.edu (760) 384-6221
MB 203
Yihfen Chen Mathematics
Professor, Mathematics ychen@cerrocoso.edu (760) 384-6168
LRC 720
Christina Christenson-Rockwell Social Sciences
Adjunct Faculty, Psychology christina.christenson@cerrocoso.edu
Candace Cornett Financial Aid
Financial Aid Technician ccornett@cerrocoso.edu (760) 384-6221
MB 203
Julie Cornett Library
Professor, Information Competency; Librarian jcornett@cerrocoso.edu (760) 384-6132
LRC 642
Lisa Couch Administrative Services
Vice President, Finance and Administrative Services lcouch@cerrocoso.edu (760) 384-6230
MB 327A
Annette Coussan Career Technical Education
CTE Liaison annette.coussan@cerrocoso.edu (760) 924-1602
Wendy Coward ACCESS Programs
Department Assistant II wendy.coward@cerrocoso.edu (760) 384-6250
MB 215
Michael Cowley Maintenance & Operations
Custodian II michael.cowley@cerrocoso.edu (760) 384-6118
Matthew Crow English and Foreign Languages
Professor, English; Department Chair, English mcrow@cerrocoso.edu (760) 384-6163
LRC 704B
Jolene Crowell Child Development Center - California City
CDC Teacher jolene.crowell@cerrocoso.edu (760) 373-1070
California City CDC
Nakysha Cummings Social Sciences
Associate Professor, Psychology ncumming@cerrocoso.edu (760) 384-6385
MB 317C
Jennifer Curtis President's Office
Administrative Assistant to the President jennifer.curtis@cerrocoso.edu (760) 384-6212
MB 323
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