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Cerro Coso Community College Faculty ordered by last name.
Name Department Position Email Phone Location
Terri Hack Counseling
Counseling (Academic Dept)
Adjunct Counselor, Career Technical Education terri.hack@cerrocoso.edu (760) 384-6219
MB 208D
Karee Hamilton Counseling
Counseling (Academic Dept)
Associate Professor, Counseling karee.hamilton@cerrocoso.edu (661) 823-4986
EKC Tehachapi
Richard Hamilton Mathematics
Science and Engineering
Adjunct Faculty, Mathematics richard.hamilton@cerrocoso.edu
Christopher Harper Business and Information Technology
Adjunct Faculty, Computer Science chharper@cerrocoso.edu
Michelle Harper Child Development and Education
Adjunct Faculty, Child Development michelle.harper@cerrocoso.edu
Maria Heaton Social Sciences
Adjunct Faculty, Philosophy mheaton@cerrocoso.edu
Jon Heaton English and Foreign Languages
Professor, Spanish jheaton@cerrocoso.edu (760) 384-6305
MB 239
Tom Heck Kinesiology and Health Science
Professor, Physical Education theck@cerrocoso.edu (760) 384-6384
PE 417
Matthew Hightower Business and Information Technology
Professor, Business & Computer Science mhightow@cerrocoso.edu (760) 872-5312
BESCC 193 & MESCC 221/221A
Annette Hodgins Allied Health
Professor, Health Careers ahodgins@cerrocoso.edu (760) 384-6319
MB 109
Tyson Huffman Learning Assistance Center (LAC)
Learning Resource Center (Academic Dept)
Learning Assistance Center Coordinator; Professor tyson.huffman@cerrocoso.edu (760) 384-6381
LRC 704
Kern Community College District