Cerro Coso Community College

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CIC Representatives

Discipline Area
CIC Chair
Ben Beshwate
Student Learning Outcome Coordinator
Vivian Baker
Library Chair
Julie Cornett
Allied Health, Child Development/Education, Public Service
Matthew Wanta
Business, Computer Information Systems, Industrial Arts
David Villicana
English/Foreign Languages
Laura Vasquez
Kinesiology and Health Science
Tom Heck
Mathematics and Science
Guck Ooi
Social Sciences, Visual and Performing Arts
Sarah King
Melissa Gross
Site Representative
Gary Enns
Member at Large
Annette Hodgins
Member at Large
Sharlene Paxton
Vice President of Academic Affairs
Corey Marvin
Vice President of Student Services/Articulation
Heather Ostash
Instruction Office Specialist, Classified
Michelle McCullough
Kern Community College District