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Left to right: Gavann Freiberg, Abigail Voigt, Emma Gilmartin, Naomi O’Connor, Cameron Reese, Sawyer Chrisman, and Brynn Turpin

Tumbleweed Talks


Welcome to Tumbleweed Talks

Sick of the usual email/text blasts? Listen to your fellow students' experiences at Coso! When you're at the gym, driving down the mountain, or when you're bored, hear your friends talk about their perspectives on college.

Listen to our latest episodes on Anchor or on Spotify. Or find us on Apple Podcasts.

Podcasts are released on the 2nd and 4th Tuesday of each month.

About Tumbleweed Talks


The mission of the Tumbleweed Talks Podcast is to provide a voice for the students of Cerro Coso Community College. The Podcast and its constituents will maintain a commitment to diversity, equity, relevance, honesty, and fun.


The Podcast is a joint effort with Cerro Coso Community College to encourage the open exchange of ideas by providing a platform for the voices of the students it serves to be heard.


Our values are inspired by the values of Cerro Coso Community College and provide the foundation for our activities.


  • We encourage individual and collective creativity in the modern world
  • We seek to enhance the mutual understanding between our school and fellow students
  • We seek new ways to enhance the experiences of our fellow students


  • We celebrate the diversity of each individual student
  • We foster partnerships between our school and community groups
  • We encourage honest self-expression


  • We model a culture of diversity and understanding
  • We develop leadership and public speaking abilities in our school
  • We provide a platform for the voices of our fellow students to be heard


Tumbleweed Talks is committed to sharing a new recording every other Tuesday during the fall and spring semesters. Topics for the podcast are scheduled in advance but suggestions for future podcast topics are welcome. Start the conversation via Instagram or Facebook.

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