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COVID-19 Student Resources

In order to keep our community updated on the latest coronavirus (COVID-19) developments, Cerro Coso is providing this webpage. Our goal is to provide you with resources and the latest news on the coronavirus (COVID-19).

CARES Act Funding

If you are Cerro Coso Community College (CCCC) student with expenses related to the disruption of CCCC operations due to COVID-19 (novel coronavirus) pandemic, you may qualify for a federal CARES Act grant recently approved by Congress, which provides emergency funding for college students.  There are limitations placed by the Department of Education on eligibility for these funds.  Please review the eligibility below.  Because this eligibility is tied to these federal funds, Cerro Coso does not have flexibility in applying these eligibility requirements.

Please contact Financial Aid by phone (760-384-6221) or email (cc_faid@cerrocoso.edu) for access to the application and for more information.

Once received, please follow closely the instructions for completion of the application and complete each section thoroughly.  Any incomplete application may result in no award or delays in awarding grant funds.  Completion of the application is not a guarantee of receiving funds or receiving the amount requested, but we will do anything we can within the funding regulations to assist you.


  • Only students who are or could be eligible to participate in programs under Section 484 in Title IV of the Higher Education Act of 1965, as amended (HEA), may receive emergency financial aid grants, including the CARES Act grant funds. If you have filed a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA), you have already demonstrated eligibility to participate in programs under Section 484 the HEA. If you have not filed a FAFSA but are eligible to file a FAFSA, you may receive emergency financial aid grants.  You do not have to have eligibility for any other forms of financial aid to be eligible for these funds, only eligible to apply. 
  • Applicants must provide an explanation of expenses related to the disruption of Cerro Coso Community College operations due to COVID-19. 
  • According to the CARES Act legislation, students who are in a program that is entirely online are not eligible for CARES Act funds. 
  • At this time, students must be currently registered for a class(es) at Cerro Coso. 
  • Students must have a high school diploma or GED or have completed high school in an approved homeschool setting. According to the legislation, concurrent enrollment or dual enrollment students are not eligible for these funds. 
  • Students must be enrolled in a degree or certificate program that is approved for Financial Aid funding to be eligible for these funds. 
  • Male students must be registered with Selective Service as required by law.

Update 5/4/2020 from Heather Ostash

Cerro Coso has been working hard on evaluating options for our 2020 graduation as we understand the importance of this event for our students, families and the college.  We apologize for not communicating more quickly, but have tried to maximize the possibility for a meaningful experience for our students who have worked so hard to achieve certificates and degrees.  It is heartbreaking to have to communicate that we will be moving to a virtual graduation to maintain everyone’s health and safety in this uncertain time.  That being said, Cerro Coso staff, faculty, and administration are committed to maintaining a ceremony that reflects the personal, meaningful traditions that have always characterized our graduation ceremonies. In order to accomplish this, we are postponing graduation to June 13th.

This message is meant as a “Save the Date” and to encourage you, your family, and your friends to join us in celebrating you!  We promise it will be worth it!  You will receive more information shortly, which includes a response we will need from you.  We will also have scheduled pick-up dates for those of you who have special regalia items.  Please watch your email for updates shortly.  Do not hesitate to reach out if you have questions and we will do our best to answer!  Feel free to use the graduation@cerrocoso.edu email for questions about graduation.

Thank you for all of the flexibility and resiliency you have exhibited, as well as your patience while Cerro Coso has responded to this unprecedented time.  We are so proud of our CC Coyotes!

Stay tuned for more information soon.  Good luck on finals!

Update 4/28/2020

Upcoming Zoom Meetings regarding Student Services Updates

  1. May 5, 2020 1-2PM: Register for Meeting
  2. May 6, 2020 3:30-4:30PM: Register for Meeting

Update 4/9/2020

CC Student,

We hope this message finds you well during this challenging time. This email provides some updates, guidance and new resource information from Cerro Coso and Student Services. 

Student services have transitioned remotely. Thank you for your patience and bearing with us as we have been adjusting to this new circumstance. Below is updated contact information for our service departments:

ACCESS Programs

(760) 384-6250 - IWV/Online
(760) 379-5501 - Kern River Valley Lake Isabella
(661) 823-4986 - East Kern Center: Tehachapi & Edwards AFB
(760) 872-1565 - ESCC Bishop
(760) 934-2875 - ESCC Mammoth Lakes

CalWorks: go to https://www.cerrocoso.edu/studentservices/access-programs/calworks for application or call (760) 384-6250

DSPS questions or information can be emailed to accessprograms@cerrocoso.edu or call (760)-384-6250

EOPS application is located at https://www.cerrocoso.edu/studentservices/access-programs/eops

Questions or information please feel free to email accessprograms@cerrocoso.edu

Hours – 8am-6pm Mon-Thurs, 8am-12pm Fri (ESCC closed on Fridays)

Admissions and Records

760-384-6374- IWV/Online
760-384-6377- FAX

If the line is engaged, please leave a voicemail and your call will be returned as quickly as possible.


(760) 384-6219 - IWV/Online
(760) 379-5501 - Kern River Valley Lake Isabella
(661) 823-4986 - East Kern Center: Tehachapi & Edwards AFB
(760) 872-1565 - ESCC Bishop
(760) 934-2875 - ESCC Mammoth Lakes
Transcripts, petitions, concurrent forms, can be emailed to counseling_forms@cerrocoso.edu

Hours – 8am-6pm Mon-Thurs, 8am-12pm Fri (ESCC closed on Fridays)

Help with Navigate- navigate@cerrocoso.edu

Financial Aid

760-384-6321- FAX

If the line is engaged, please leave a voicemail, and your call will be returned as quickly as possible.

If you need assistance but are not sure where to direct your question or request, please use the studentservices@cerrocoso.edu email, and we will make sure you are assisted directly or your email is directed to the appropriate department for assistance.  

The deadline to self-initiate a withdrawal from your class(es), has been extended!  You will be able to initiate a withdrawal through Banweb through the end of the semester.  This withdrawal will result in an Excused Withdrawal (EW).  Let us know if there is some way we can assist you in staying in your classes!  Or if you needed assistance in withdrawing.

Pass/No Pass grading- The California Community College system has suspended legislation to allow students to apply for Pass/No Pass grading. You may be eligible to change your grading to Pass/No Pass. If this is a good option for you, ask your instructor if your class is eligible. Not all courses are set up for Pass/No Pass grading. The California State University System has committed to accepting this grading option for transfer students. At Cerro Coso, a No Pass grade will not impact academic standing, will not count in repeating a course, and will not factor into state and local aid eligibility. Federal Financial Aid has not responded on the impact of this grading option. If you have questions about whether or not this is a good option for you, contact counseling and/or Financial Aid for assistance.

The student resource guide (see below) has been updated with a variety of new resources.  It is also available online at the COVID-19 student resources tab and has been integrated into Navigate. This guide includes resources ranging from to technology to mental health to unemployment and financial.

The Child Development Center at the IWV/Ridgecrest campus is providing activity packs for our students and their children.  If you would like to pick up an activity pack, complete the request form at: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSeO_nrXRlVSGMySUv5BdZbVjggmKb78uxRMnIFd7F4MQhZyBA/viewform?usp=sf_link
Pick up is available Thursdays 2-3.  Distancing and sanitization measures are in place for materials and for pick-up.

Apply for CalFresh!  If you are in need of ongoing assistance with food, CalFresh can help.  Contact us for assistance with the application process and we are happy to help you get through it!  https://www.getcalfresh.org/
Contact Katherine at (760) 384- 6234 or katherine.rasmussen@cerrocoso.edu for assistance with the application process.

Resources such as laptop loans and grocery/toiletry assistance is still available.  If you have a need and would like to request assistance, contact studentservices@cerrocoso.edu 

I know it may be difficult to think ahead at this time, but registration for summer and fall has started. Check Navigate for your registration appointment if you do not know when it is.  We are here to assist you with any questions you have about classes, your education plan and what impact this semester may have on your goals and timeline.  Get registered or contact us if you need assistance!

Please stay in touch with us and let us know what we can do to ease your stress or provide resources and assistance. We hope that you are staying home to the extent possible and staying safe. Cerro Coso will continue to provide classes, education, and support throughout this public health crisis.

Take care,

Your Student Services Team

Update 4/7/2020

Resource Guides. 

Update 3/26/2020

Drop Deadline Extended

Update 3/22/2020 - Student Services


pdate 3/17/2020 - Emergency Notification

Emergency Notification

Update 3/17/2020 - Trainings

Training Schedule

Update 3/16/2020 - Course Status

List of courses that will transition from on ground to Online beginning March 23.

As instructional activities shift to online or alternative environments, please keep in close contact with your professors for the most up-to-date information regarding your own courses.

Update 3/14/2020

Update: Notice re Classes going online and links to trainings

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