Cerro Coso Community College

First Step to My Academic Success

Gloria Solorio

Class of 2019


“Throughout my two years at Cerro Coso Community College - Mammoth Lakes, I met outstanding individuals who supported me through my higher education. I was the scholarship recipient of the Mammoth Lakes Foundation (MLF) and the Rotary scholarship. The MLF provided funds for my tuition and textbooks, throughout my two years at Cerro Coso; while the Rotary scholarship covers my tuition at UC Davis, as we speak.


“Although many believe that Cerro Coso might not be the best fit for them, it certainly was for me. Cerro Coso was the first step towards my academic success and the reason why I esteem higher education so much. Thanks to Cerro Coso, I am a well-known alumna in my community, and a dedicated transfer student at one of the most prestigious universities – UC Davis.


“At the beginning of my studies, I wanted to become a nurse. However, after taking my first psychology course, I fell in love with how complex and amazing one’s mind is. I decided to change my major to psychology. Throughout my studies at Cerro Coso, I formed strong relationships with my professors, academic advisors, and scholarship mentors. Their guidance and dedication motivated me to give my best. This great support team worked extensively with me to make sure I was receiving all the help I needed.


“I graduated Cerro Coso, Mammoth Lakes with honors. I was a Dean’s list honoree my four semesters at Cerro Coso and I received three associative degrees: AA-T Psychology, AA Arts and Humanities, and AA Social and Behavioral Sciences. I also graduated with distinction: I received the CCCC Foundation’s President Award, I was a CCCC Academic Honors Student, the Eastern Sierra Student of the Year, and the EOP (Educational Opportunity Program) Student of the Year. Throughout my two years at Cerro Coso, I was a guest speaker in two Mammoth Middle School classes; a student speaker representing Dave’s Scholars – the MLF scholarship recipients – in the 2018 and 2019 Food and Wine Event; a student speaker at the 2018 and 2019 Mammoth High scholarship breakfast event - representing the Rotary scholarship; and a graduation speaker in Cerro Coso’s 2019 graduation.


“I am extremely thankful for all the support and knowledge Cerro Coso gave and continues to give me. I have been working at the Mammoth Lakes Foundation during this summer, supporting current Cerro Coso students through their higher education, like I was once supported. I am blessed to be part of a community that embraces higher education. Cerro Coso was the beginning of my leadership journey as it prepared me to be a role model to the youth, a mentor to my peers, and a “superstar” to my mentors.

My end goal is to continue my graduate studies and become a developmental psychologist. I wish to continue serving my community in any way possible as this will make my loved ones and me blissful.


“Thank you, Cerro Coso, for nourishing my passion for higher education!”