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Cerro Coso Community College

Substantive Change Proposal, April 2013: CTE Programs

Substantive Change Proposal: A Proposal to Add Five New Programs in the Area of Career and Technical Education


  1. 2013-2014 Catalog
  2. Substantive Change Proposal, September 2011
  3. CCCCO Approval Notification, BSOT Administrative Assistant Certificate of Achievement
  4. Labor Market Report (EMSI) – Business Office Technology
  5. Advisory Committee Minutes – Business Office Technology
  6. Business Office Technology 2-Year Occupational Supplement, 2011
  7. Business Office Technology Program Review, 2010
  8. Board of Trustees Meeting Minutes, June 14, 2012 (Approval of EMT)
  9. Advisory Committee Minutes – Emergency Medical Technology
  10. Emergency Medical Technology 2-Year Occupational Supplement, 2011
  11. Labor Market Report (EMSI) – Emergency Medical Technology
  12. Medical Assisting Program Proposal Materials Submitted to CCCCO
  13. Labor Market Report (EMSI) – Medical Assisting
  14. Advisory Committee Minutes – Medical Assisting
  15. 2013-2014 Annual Unit Plans: Allied Health Careers, Business/Computer Information Systems, Emergency Medical Technology
  16. Course Outlines of Record for all Courses in this Proposal
  17. Region 9 Approval Letter for Medical Assisting
  18. Region 9 Consortia Minutes for Medical Assisting Approval
  19. 2012-2013 College Budget – BSOT, EMTC, HCRS
  20. Board of Trustees Meeting Minutes, June 9, 2011 (Approval of BSOT Office Assistant)
  21. Board of Trustees Meeting Minutes, December 20, 2012 (Approval of Medical Assist)
  22. Reaffirmation Letter, Commission February 2013
  23. Cerro Coso Community College Self Evaluation Report of Educational Quality and Institutional Effectiveness, 2012
  24. Substantive Change Acceptance Letter, November 2011
  25. Board of Trustees minutes, Feb 14, 2013 (approval of new mission)
  26. External Evaluation Report, 2013
  27. 2010-2012 Strategic Goals
  28. Course Assessment Matrix and Link
  29. Materials from SmarterMeasure, including results
  30. Regular Effective Contact statement
  31. Distance Education Task Force Report
  32. Proctoring Report, Spring 2012
  33. Student Authentication Statement
  34. Materials from Online Faculty Trainings
  35. Cerro Coso Community College CTE Advisory Committee Handbook
  36. CTE Division Meeting Minutes, 2012-2013
  37. Faculty Chair Meeting Minutes, 2012-2013